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1. Electric Warmers

Perfect for you if:

You need to use a heating unit for no longer than 6 to 8 hrs at a time.

You plan to use your warmer regularly.

You would be pausing and resuming your hand warmer numerous times.

You plan to use the product in your pocket.

Smaller electric warmers, like the EnergyFlux, may even fit in gloves and scarfs.

You have arthritis. All you need to do to operate an electric hand warmer is to press one button.

Don’t buy electric hand warmers if:

You have tiny hands.

You won’t have access to electricity for a long period of time, like when hunting, camping, etc.

You intend to place your warmer in your boot. Most electric warmers are way too big (the smallest one being the EnergyFlux) for that.

Other Info:

To prolong the battery life of your electric warmer, consider the following:

  • Keep the warmer away from direct contact with the cold (like by placing it in your pocket, glove, or pouch if it comes with one).
  • Turn the warmer off, while you’re not using it. However, switching it on and off too regularly will also bring the total duration of heat down.
  • Aoid charging other devices with your electric warmer or using its flashlight. Using these additional features will drain part of the battery and affect the heat duration of the product.

Most electric heating units come with a warranty.

Do not use electric warmers while charging.

2. Air-Activated Warmers.

Buy if:

You want a product that is extremely easy, and non-demanding to use (due to reasons like arthritis pain, and others)

You won’t have access to electricity for long periods of time.

You would use/need hand warmers only for a few days/ weeks out of the year.

You want your product small and soft so that it doesn’t bother you when using it in your boot, glove, etc.

Don’t buy if:

You are allergic to any of the contents of the air-activated hand warmers.

In case you plan to use your hand warmer regularly, disposable products may not be ideal.

You need your hand warmers to be 100% reliable. Sometimes, in a box of air-activated warmers, a few of the pairs may be faulty.

Other Info:

You may pause (for no longer than a day or two) and reuse air-activated warmers by placing them in a Ziploc and sucking all the air out.

If you wish to use your warmer in an oxygen-deprived space, like your boot, be sure to take the warmer out of the wrap and let it reach its highest temperature, before placing it there. It takes 15-30 minutes for this to happen.

If you have arthritis in your hands, or they are just numb from the cold, you will need scissors to open the wrap of the warmers.

3. Catalyst Hand Warmers.

Buy if:

You need your warmer to last long periods at a time (12-24 hrs).

You want an elegant accessory, as well as a hand warmer.

You don’t mind the large length and width of electric warmers but don’t like how thick they are (especially if you will wear it in your pocket).

You don’t mind purchasing and handling lighter fluid and lighters.

Don’t buy if:

You have arthritis in your hands, and refilling and igniting the warmer would be difficult for you.

You will need to refill your warmer in extremely cold conditions; your hands may go numb and make it hard for you to do so.

You don’t feel like spending money on lighter fluid regularly.

You’d like to place the catalyst unit in your shoe.

Other Info:

To turn off a catalyst, or lighter fluid, hand warmer, you must place cut its oxygen flow. One way to do that is to put it in a ziplock bag, suck the air out and seal the bag.

Usually, the catalysts warmers get too hot and need to be placed in a pouch (which most products come with) when used.

Check out a tutorial on how to fill and ignite lighter fluid warmer – in this YouTube video

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