About Us

What is Battle the Pain All About?

We, at Battle the Pain, are a team of nerds who’ve had their fair share of dealing with health issues. In our attempts to triumph over whatever awful condition, illness, pain, or discomfort each of us is dealing with, we discovered the absence of easily understandable, reliable information that could help us do so. So, we decided to start this website. In each post, we select a certain health issue and try to collect a bunch of clinical trials, medical school articles, and other expert opinions regarding that issue. Then, we present the collected information to you, in an understandable and easy-to-read way, while also adding some occasionally helpful pictures, graphics, or videos. In addition to our blog posts, we offer you product reviews. The products we select are all connected to physical or mental health and wellbeing. All the products reviewed on this website are carefully selected, after long hours of research and testing. In the most unbiased way possible, we attempt to present you with the best products in each of the products’ categories. Lastly, we realize that reading about some of the things we talk about can, sometimes, get a touch boring. Therefore, we try to spice it up with a corny joke, here and there, and we are proud to say that we’ve become internationally known for not being able to make anyone laugh.

Why Should We Be Trusted?

Our posts and articles, unless specifically stated otherwise, are not written or reviewed by a healthcare professional. However, where we lack in qualifications, we make up with long and tireless research, as we base all medical information provided on our website on the most credible and respectable medical sources we can find. In addition, we try to be as transparent and as objective as possible regarding the credible sources we cite. That’s why we try to let you know about any possible flaws or biases we identify¬†in each of the clinical trials and other medical sources we review within our posts.
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