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We, at Battle the Pain, know all about physical pain, stress, discomfort, and all sorts of other unpleasantries. With the opioid epidemic at hand, it’s crucial to be mindful of safe and natural remedies.

We try to help you with that in two ways.

Firstly, we review products connected to the health and wellness field. The products we evaluate could be recommended and used by physicians and physical therapists, like heating pads and T.E.N.S. units. However, we also review products people use on their own time for comfort, like hand warmers, and others. More health and wellness product reviews will be added soon!

We also write blog posts to share with you what medical schools articles, peer-reviewed publications, and clinical trials recommend when it comes to safely treating pain. Way more blog posts are also to come!

The Best Heating Pads Available Online

Heating Pad Reviews

Heating pads (and heat therapy) are used and recommended for people with arthritis, menstrual cramp pains, muscle tightness, and subacute injuries. Many use them simply for comfort and relaxation. Regardless of what you use your heating pad for, however, a bad heating pad may cause you a big headache, and even actual physical harm. That’s why we decided to feature some of the best heating pads we’ve ever used. We tried to include a variety of shapes, sizes, and types of pads, because the best heating pad for one person, may be nearly useless to another. If you could use a heating pad, click here to read more.

Menstrual Cramps Related Stats

Menstrual Pain Remedies Supported by Clinical Trials

What research and med. school articles say about the effectiveness of natural period pain remedies like heat pads, vitamins, herbs, and others.
Neck Pain

Five Natural Neck Pain Remedies Supported by Clinical Trials

In this post, we list med. school articles and clinical trials regarding five natural neck pain/ stiffness treatments (heating pads, acupuncture, and others).
Osteoarthrtitis in Knees Xray

Kicking Osteoarthritis’ Butt

Here, we rely on credible sources to create a game plan against osteoarthritis (OA). Goals: improve function, while decreasing pain and stiffness.

Who’s behind Battle the Pain?

We are a team of nerds who battle different health-related issues on daily bases. As any self-respected nerds do, we spend a lot of our time browsing the web and learning about what interests or bothers us.

Maybe we have trust issues, but when it comes to learning about health-related topics, we have a serious problem with relying blindly on faceless “experts”. Especially, when their credibility is impossible to confirm.

How’s Battle the Pain different?

Unlike most health-related websites out there, we claim no expertise when it comes to the medical field. Therefore, we do not attempt to publish any health-related information based on personal knowledge and experience.

Instead, we dig deep to collect and study undisputed credible, medical sources, like peer-reviewed publications, clinical trials, and medical school articles. Then, we transform the most reliable and highest-quality information we could find into easily digestible blog posts, dedicated to a specific, health-related issue.

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